Project Description

Mississauga Health recently launched the ‘Understanding our Community Tool’,  a centralized resource designed to empower organizations within Mississauga Health and care providers across Mississauga with comprehensive statistics and insights into our community’s demographics and populations, segmented by neighbourhoods. This tool is an important step in the work of the Mississauga Ontario Health Team (M-OHT) and Trillium Health Partners (THP) to understand the diverse health needs of the community that it serves.

This tool was developed through co-design sessions alongside community partners, including the Institute for Better Health and Peel Public Health at the Region of Peel, as well as incorporating insights from patients, caregivers, Mississauga Health member organizations and Data Strategy Planning Table representatives.  

This innovative tool is a centralized repository of data on demographics and health attributes put together from multiple sources on the community we serve. By leveraging this resource and developing a common understanding of our community by neighbourhood, Mississauga Health Planning Tables and Mississauga Health Members can navigate strategic initiatives effectively, ultimately fostering improved health outcomes within our region and among Mississauga’s diverse populations. Importantly, the data is also available to the public, increasing transparency with our community and community organizations.  

During the co-design phase, there was a recognized need to better understand Emergency Department visitors at Trillium Health Partners alongside key health factors. As a result, a companion Emergency Department tool was also created and will inform ongoing discussions on caring for persons with a mental health and addictions and older adults who seek care at the Emergency Department.  

The project team consisted of Shalu Bains, Chief Information and Analytics Officer, THP, and Dr. Noor Amin, who co-chaired the Data Strategy Planning Table, as well as Karen Rai, Population Health Analytics Lead, THP, Daire Crawford, Decision Support Senior Advisor, Aliya Allen-Valley, Research Associate III, IBH, Jimmy Hu, Biostatistician, IBH, and Christine Olsen, Mississauga Health. IBH’s Drs. Laura Rosella, Stephen Family Research Chair in Population Health, and Walter Wodchis, Trillium Health Partners Research Chair in Implementation and Evaluation Science, provided guidance and expertise in the planning and production of the tool. 

The ‘Understanding our Community Tool’ complements existing resources like the Peel Health Data Zone Information Tool, which offers insights into demographic information and data on the social determinants of health across Peel. This new tool identifies regions with increased need and will signal additional efforts for more detailed data collection and co-design of new or improved services. With continuous updates and new data sources planned for in future versions, this tool will provide the integrated data to facilitate informed decision-making and support efforts to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities across the region. 

Project Details

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