Project Description

An online learning series about the core components of patient, caregiver and community engagement was co-designed with patient and caregiver partners, researchers, trainees, health system leaders and providers to meet the learning needs identified by Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). The goal of this learning series was to build connections and competencies for meaningful engagement. The learning series was divided into 7 monthly sessions that focused on a different topic each month: 1) Communication, Compassion & Empathy; 2) Bearing Witness to Lived Experience and Emotions; 3) Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; 4) Leaning into the Challenges (addressing conflict and co-developing resolutions); 5) Preparing for Engagement Activities; 6) Engagement Methods; and, 7) Evaluating Engagement Activities. Each session included a theory burst, a panel discussion or fireside chat, an interactive component, and an accompanying workbook with supplementary content and resources. The series was led by Dr. Kerry Kuluski’s Patient Experience Research Team. Funding was provided by the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU), with additional in-kind support from the Ministry of Health, Support House’s Centre for Innovation in Peer Support, the Institute for Better Health (Trillium Health Partners), the Ontario Caregiver Organization, and the Rapid Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) Network.

The learning series topics were as follows:

Introductory Module: Developing a Curriculum for Meaningful Patient, Family & Caregiver Engagement
Session 1: Communication, Compassion & Empathy
Session 2: Bearing Witness to Lived Experience and Emotions
Session 3: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Session 4: Leaning into the Challenges (addressing conflict and co-developing resolutions)
Session 5: Preparing for Engagement Activities
Session 6: Engagement Methods
Session 7: Evaluating Engagement Activities

Please refer to the Project Details section if you would like to learn more about how the series was developed and/or access session recordings and accompanying workbooks.

Project Details

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