Project Description

The Mississauga Ontario Health Team (M-OHT) was created in 2019 as part of a province-wide health system restructuring to provide better-connected care across the health system within a defined population. A comprehensive analysis of the population served by the M-OHT is a critical first step to understanding needs and health care use and serves as a baseline for ongoing planning and evaluation. Dr. Laura Rosella (Canada Research Chair in Population Health Analytics and IBH Scientist) and an interdisciplinary team of researchers and leaders from IBH, the M-OHT, and the University of Toronto, compiled the first health data report on the attributed M-OHT population using available national and provincial data to give a high-level overview of the M-OHT population’s health-related characteristics before the COVID-19 pandemic. The team also produced a second COVID-19 data report to summarize the first three waves of COVID-19 in the attributed M-OHT population. This subsequent report aims to highlight which sub-populations in the M-OHT have been most greatly affected by the virus, and help guide future public health strategies for subsequent COVID-19 waves and future infectious outbreaks.

As accountable and integrated care systems, OHTs need information regarding their populations’ health care, but more broadly, the social, environmental, and economic factors that play a critical role in maintaining one’s health. This gap can most effectively be filled by compiling data. Despite limited data sources to show a complete picture of one’s social, environmental, and economic context, a lot can be understood using currently available census and health administrative data. Thus, these reports are a first step in the M-OHT’s move towards data-informed health system planning. The main goal is to show the variety of information that can be gathered based on existing databases alone, point out gaps in data, and at the same time present characteristics of the attributed M-OHT population to facilitate planning and evaluation.

Project Details

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    Clinical and Administrative Building,

    Mississauga, ON

  • (905) 848-7580


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