Crystal Williams

Crystal has over nine years of Research Administration experience with a diverse background in academic and applied health research.  She is passionate about population health and improving the health outcomes [...]

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Martin Romano

Martin has over 6 years of experience in health care research. Through his roles at University Health Network and the Institute of Kidney Lifesciences and Technology, he has led large [...]

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Michelle Marcinow

Michelle completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the School of Public Health and Health Systems (University of Waterloo) and completed her graduate degrees in Applied Human Nutrition (University of Guelph) and [...]

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Christine Heidebrecht

Christine is a Research Associate with a background in epidemiology and medical anthropology. Over the past several years she has led and supported a range of exploratory, operational and evaluation [...]

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Amna Ali

Amna is a research professional at IBH where she plays an active role collaborating with physician-researchers to enable their portfolio. She earned her Bachelors of Science degree from University of [...]

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Jason Nie

Jason Nie has a Master of Science in Kinesiology and Health Sciences from the University of Toronto. A member of IBH since 2018, Jason brings over 12 years of research [...]

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Shreya Mahajan

Shreya has an educational and career background in Public Health Policy; she completed her Bachelor of Health Studies, with a specialization in Health Policy from York University. She then obtained [...]

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