Khyati Walia

Khyati Walia is a Clinical Research Assistant at IBH. She is currently working on several ongoing projects under Dr. Feifer. She holds a MSc. in Physiology from University of Toronto [...]

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Stanley Okorie

Stanley is responsible for supporting and implementing the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), research integrity and research quality assurance framework, including approaches and methods to proactively manage RCR, Research integrity [...]

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Dr. Rujuta Giri

Rujuta is a Public Health Nutrition Researcher and has joined IBH as a Research Associate. Her research experience lies in large scale program evaluation and optimization. She has extensively used [...]

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Jana Borras

Jana is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at York University, where she also completed her MA degree in Sociology in 2017. She was awarded an SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship in 2020 [...]

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Ugonna Ofonagoro-Adeosun

Ugonna is a Research Associate at the Institute for better Health where she coordinates the co-design projects. In Her past role as Projects Lead at EpiAFRIC, she Led the “Health [...]

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Nuzha Hafleen

Nuzha is a Research Associate supporting community-based research projects with a focus on qualitative, arts-based and innovative knowledge mobilization methods. She has extensive professional and lived experience working with and [...]

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