Dr. Lucas M. Seuren

Position: Research Associate II
Degrees: PhD
Keywords: Health Services Research; Virtual Care; Health Communication
Publications: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Seuren%20LM%5BAuthor%5D, PubMed
Other: Honorary Health Services Researcher, University of Oxford
Categories: Science, Science Portfolio Management

Lucas is a research associate at the Institute for Better Health, where he uses qualitative methods to support the evaluation of novel health care programs. He completed a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Groningen in 2018, in which he studies how people use grammar to create shared meaning in everyday conversations. After finishing his PhD, he conducted health services research within a number of health systems in Europe and Canada. Lucas has a passion for understanding how digital technologies affect health care services, particularly how they shape health equity and health communication. He uses qualitative interviews combined with close observational methods, including video-recordings of real-life consultations, to understand people’s experiences and to help improve health care service models.

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