Leslie McGeoch

Position: Project Manager
Categories: Science, Science Portfolio Management

In her work with the Institute for Better Health, Leslie supports Dr. Rob Reid with the Rapid Improvement Support and Exchange (a partnership of three Ontario research centers) to identify and develop supports grounded in research for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).

Her focus is on the delivery of a population-health management (PHM) program to advance the exchange of knowledge and learnings in Ontario using evidence-based coaching and improvement methods first developed by the US Institute for Healthcare Improvement through: 1) Collaborating and establishing partnerships with experts (including lived experience partners); 2) Convening OHTs from across the province in collaborations, and 3) Providing extensive one-on-one coaching to the 54 approved OHTs.

The PHM work complements other OHT academic support partners, particularly those of HSPN (led by Dr. Walter Wodchis and Dr. Ruth Hall) and ADVANCE (led by Dr. Ross Baker and Paula Blackstien-Hirsh at the University of Toronto).

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