Dr. Lisa McCarthy

Position: Clinician Scientist
Degrees: PharmD, MSc
Keywords: Medication safety; Older Adults; De-prescribing; Medication overload; Polypharmacy; Prescribing cascades; Care transitions; Pharmacy & Pharmacy practice; Ambulatory & Primary care
Publications: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=gdxTaGoAAAAJ&hl=en, Lisa McCarthy - Scholar Google
Other: Associate Professor, University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Department of Family and Community Medicine; Affiliate Investigator, Bruyère Research Institute; Adjunct Scientist, Women’s College Research Institute; Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo
Categories: Clinician Scientists, Science

Dr. Lisa McCarthy is a Scientist who studies the people, processes, and resources needed to develop, implement, evaluate, and sustain care models that achieve better health for communities. She is also a Pharmacist with 20 years of experience across care settings including hospitals and ambulatory clinics, family health teams, and community pharmacies. In the research that she leads, Dr. McCarthy uses mixed and multi-methods to explore how to optimize medication therapy for people (i.e., maximizing benefit while minimizing harm) at the individual, organizational, and health system levels, with a particular focus on older adults. She is internationally recognized for her leadership of signature initiatives of the Bruyère Deprescribing Research Team (deprescribing.org) including its work in long-term care and on prescribing cascades. Dr. McCarthy has received several awards for mentorship, supervision, and recognizing the accomplishments of strong teams she has led. These achievements were recognized with the 2021 Ontario Pharmacists Association Award for Exceptional Achievement in Research and Academia.

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