Reem El-Ajou

Position: Senior Project Analyst
Degrees: HBA, PMP
Keywords: Digital Technologies and Innovation; Change Management; Process Improvement
Categories: Health System Innovation, Innovation and Partnerships

Reem El-Ajou is an experienced project analyst and passionate youth leader in the health care and non-for-profit industry. She strives on supporting the development and implementation of solutions positively impacting the health care system and broader community with an equity lens in mind.  During her time spent at the University of Toronto completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Enterprise Management, Reem was also dedicated to leading and organizing awareness and fundraising events for important philanthropic and humanitarian causes within her community, across Canada, and abroad. As a Project Analyst with the Health System Innovations area at IBH, Reem leverages her previous experience to work alongside her team to design, implement, evaluate, and scale innovative solutions and process improvements to address gaps within our health care system. Reem continues to apply her project work experience including change management and strategic thinking to contribute to and support her community.

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