Dr. Laura Desveaux

Position: Science Lead and Learning Health System Program Lead
Degrees: PhD, PT
Publications: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=Laura+Desveaux, PubMed
Other: Founder and Executive Director of Women Who Lead, an organization dedicated to supporting the career advancement and leadership development of women in the health sector.
Categories: Leadership, Science

Dr. Desveaux’s career focuses on closing the gap between current performances and what science and experience tell us is possible. She realizes this passion by helping scientists, clinicians, and professionals identify and unlock their potential. Dr. Desveaux’s work in behavioral science tackles health care’s most persistent problems using a learning health system lens to examine what drives behaviors, how and why things work, and identifying how context influences success (and failure). This approach provides insights into how to effect change at both individual and system levels.

Her primary area of focus is in studying high performing teams and individuals to understand what contributes to better patient outcomes. This informs strategies to address persistent and widespread variations in patient outcomes across health systems, including clinical performance feedback.

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