Delilah Ofosu-Barko

Position: Director, IBH Operations
Keywords: Public accountability and responsibility in health research; Health research governance; Health research accountability frameworks; Health research education; Responsible conduct of research; Immersive research compliance education; Health research risk management; Stakeholder relationship management; User-centred process and service design
Publications:, How to Maintain Institutional Memory at a Small Research Program, Advancing Ethical Research Conference, 2020;, Managing Small Research Programs in Healthcare Settings, Advancing Ethical Research Conference, 2018
Other: President, Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards (2020 – 2022)
Categories: Leadership, Operations

With over 15 years of experience, Delilah is passionate about the education, engagement and promotion of health research, innovation and improvement.  Recognized as a national and international solution-focused leader in Research Administration and Operations Delilah builds and maintains synergistic, dynamic and highly-engaged teams of leaders.

Leveraging strategic networks, Delilah is committed to enhancing the enabling supports and services for health research, innovation and improvement, including the tools, processes and approaches to effectively manage research, innovation and improvement activities at the corporate, provincial and national level.

Leading the operations of the Institute for Better Health, Delilah is enhancing the enabling services available to researchers, innovators and project leads across Trillium Health Partners. She is an active member with the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards, as the current President; Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research and the Canadian Association of Research Administrators. Delilah lends her expertise to the Peel Institute on Violence Prevention as a Senior Research Advisor, Scientific Committee Member, and Governance Committee member. Previously, she served as a Research Methods Tutor and Guest Lecturer for the Mississauga Academy of Medicine.

Her research interests include public accountability and responsibility in health research, innovation and improvement with a particular interest in health research, innovation and improvement governance and accountability frameworks.

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