On October 2, 2023, AMS Healthcare announced its 2023 Compassion and Artificial Intelligence Grant recipients. Its fourth cadre of recipients were selected by an external expert review panel and join the 22 other projects that have been funded since its inception in 2020. Their collective work will help transform healthcare by ensuring that technologies are enabling of healthcare’s compassionate purpose.

This year, Dr. Andrew Feifer, Surgical Oncologist, Division of Urology, and Affiliate Scientist, Institute for Better Health (IBH), at Trillium Health Partners, was awarded one of the AMS Healthcare Compassion and AI grants for his work using machine learning approaches to predict tumour recurrence and progression to provide personalized and compassionate care for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients.

Dr. Feifer is a performance-driven staff surgeon with more than a decade of experience and proven expertise in the management of genitourinary malignancies and minimally invasive surgery. He is a recognized leader, with cutting-edge creative thinking to drive optimization of patient outcomes and research. A founder of “Ned,” a novel survivorship app for patients with prostate cancer, he has helped leverage medical health technology to help patients throughout their journeys. He cultivates a collaborative relationship with patients, providing evidence-based compassionate care. He is a teacher to students, residents and fellows, as well as a life-long learner.

“The opportunity to expand artificial intelligence utilization in urologic oncology is profound,” says Dr. Feifer. “It will allow us to better stratify the risk for patients to undergo therapy for invasive high-risk non-muscle bladder cancer, potentially alleviating the stress of treatment, better selecting patients for subsequent therapy and being able to care for patients more effectively regarding the nature of their illness.”

Innovation is an important component in creating a new kind of health care for a healthier community, and advancements in AI are key to helping shape and further transform health care services and patient care. Dr. Feifer has made profound contributions to surgical innovation in Canada, working to optimize compassionate care and patient outcomes. He is a trailblazer in digital healthcare, and we congratulate him on this grant!

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